The Bangladesh Flag

The flag was adopted on January 13, 1972.  The red circle symbolizes the rising sun and the sacrifices made by the Bangladesh people during their fight for independence.  Green represents the country's greenery and vitality.

The picture is of the Bangladesh Flag.


About 83 percent of Bangladeshis are Sunni Muslims and 16 percent are Hindus.  They pray five times daily, and their scripture is the Koran.  Eating pork and beef and drinking alcohol isn't allowed.  Cleanliness is stressed near holy books and places, so they take their shoes off before entering mosques and temples.

The picture is of people praying and a little boy sitting up.

The Bengali Language

Bangali is the official language of Bangladesh.  The strongest dialects are in the northeastern and southeastern regions, and most are soft and musical.  Here are some phrases in Bengali translated to English:

What is your favorite color?   Tomar priyo rang ki?

Do you have your lunch?   Tumi ki khaabaar khe niyecho?

Which is the sweetest fruit?   Kon fol ta sob teke besi misti?

Where do you come from?   Tumi kotha theke asecho?