Bangladesh Traditions

Nabonno (the festival of the new harvest) celebrates the country's rich agricultural heritage.  Pawhela Falgoon marks the first day of spring.  It's celebrated with festivals and colorful programs, exchanges of gifts and greetings, colorful clothing, and countless numbers of flowers.  Pawhela BoishAkh is the Bengali New Year.  It begins at dawn and the day is marked with singing, parades, and fairs.  Traditional songs, food, and crafts welcome the new year. 

The picture below is of a parade during Pawhela BoishAkh.


February 21 is Shaheed Day.  It's held in memory of the youths who died in a protest and is observed with great solemnity.  The following day is Shaheed Minar.  Poets read along the roadside and a book fair is held at the Bengla Academy.  March 26 is Independence and National Day.  It was declared when Bangladesh became a separate nation.  They gained their freedom, but about 3 million people died for it.  December 16 is Victory Day.  After the 9 month long independence war with Pakistan, they surrendered to Bangladesh and India.